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So no more reviewing or commenting on the San Francisco Opera performance itself. This is a review of the audience and hall. 😉

  • Someone(s) brought a baby. Really. Cried. In. Third. Act. (Who are these people!?)
  • The two women next to us brought in their bottle of beer and glass of wine for the second act. No garlic fries, though.
  • They had also had their cigarettes during the intermission. I hate cigarette smell, but I tried to behave myself and not go “Ick!” I’m nice that way. 😉
  • The same women asked me, after Act 2, “Is it over now?” I answered in the negative, but they left anyway.
  • There was some sort of noise that bugged me at times. Was it outside? It sounded “rumbly”. (I guess I’m overly sensitive. When I went to San Francisco Symphony there was an awful inside noise. It was either fans or lights. Drove me bonkers.)
  • People don’t seem to think opening candy (or whatever) wrappers is annoying. Except when they do. Then they open them as sloooowly and noisily as possible.
  • An usher, as we were leaving, was just too cute. He repeated, non-stop, “Thank you for coming, I hope you enjoyed the opera.” Or at least something like that. Thing is, it was repeated so that you heard it three times or so as you walked out. He made me smile. Part of me wanted to reassure him that, yes, I really did enjoy it.

    So there you go. That’s the thing about a live audience, yes? I don’t get to hand pick them. I’m not sure why, though. Perhaps I’ll talk to the Mr. Gockley about it. Surely he’d like me to do that. And I won’t charge a penny.

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