Terry Teachout is a bit concerned about the new Sweeney Todd movie. He provided a link to the trailer and he’s right, there’s not a heck of a lot of singing. But if I’m remembering the show, most of what I heard spoken in that clip were spoken in the theatre production as well.

I do have a problem with Johnny Depp. And I never have a problem with that guy! I think Depp will look young when he’s eighty. And Helena Bonham Carter … well … she’s beautiful even when she’s not, you know? I guess I can’t help going back to when Angela Lansbury played the role. (I happened to do it with Jean Stapleton but I won’t go there right now.) So I’m just not sure about the movie. But you can bet I’ll want to see it.


  1. Aah! Thanks for finding this for me 😉

    Yes, I confirm that all of the spoken dialogue in the trailer is also spoken in the stage version, but Terry’s point is well taken that they do seem to be playing down that it’s a musical. They suck you in before laying a few sung lines of “Epiphany” on you.

    I don’t have a problem with the cast at all, but I’m rolling my eyes a little over the hackneyed Hollywood orchestration tricks.

  2. Yeah … I’m just so goofy I think everyone knows about Sweeney and the fact that it’s a musical. Silly me.