07. October 2007 · Comments Off on What Counts as Playing? · Categories: Ramble

I ran across a YouTube video (no, I’m not including a link, as I think I’m being negative here and I don’t want to point something out in that negative sort of way right now) because the person who posted it said he played “basoon (x2), oboe (x2), cello (x2), violin (x3), harpsichord and English horn (x2).” That caught my attention … I’m always looking for new YouTube videos with oboe and English horn! (I’ve landed on some mighty fine music.)

Well, I began to listen … and I didn’t hear any bassoon, oboe, cello, violin, harpsichord or English horn. It was all synthesizer.

So I wonder, does that count? Did he play all those instruments? Seems to me he played one instrument, but I know I’ve said some stupid things here recently so I’m not about to state anything as fact.

I’m too fast to speak or write and too slow to learn, but I think I am learning! A little. Very slowly.

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