So … I usually buy plaques three or so at a time; they are easily lost. I leave them on stands, and forget them.

So here is the perfect plaque. It’s lighted. And sculptured. Wow. All for just $119.

Oh. The ones I lose? They are $1.50 a piece. 😉

(What I’m really waiting for, though, is a plaque that, after inserted, tells you what you need to do to complete the reed!)

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I’m solid into the Major League Baseball season. I’ve tracked Barry Bonds all year.

-Dennis Russell Davies (Well, okay, the article is really about Glass and Appomattox, not baseball. But still … 😉 RTWT)

09. October 2007 · Comments Off on MQOD · Categories: Quotes

You got a celloist going one way, an oboist going the other. Then you have two cyclists coming from opposite directions. It’s going to be a bit like getting 17 nuns across Castle Creek Road at once.

-Bob Rafelson

(The link to the article no longer works. Sorry. But that quote is real. Trust me!)