So … I usually buy plaques three or so at a time; they are easily lost. I leave them on stands, and forget them.

So here is the perfect plaque. It’s lighted. And sculptured. Wow. All for just $119.

Oh. The ones I lose? They are $1.50 a piece. 😉

(What I’m really waiting for, though, is a plaque that, after inserted, tells you what you need to do to complete the reed!)


  1. You’d think that if they could have a lighted plaque, they could at least have shadowed lines that would show through on the reed. You read it here first. The zillions of dollars that will result belong to me!

  2. augh! at the rate at which I lose plaques I’d be broke in a few months’ time! it’s a nice idea but a bit dear for my tastes…

  3. You’ll get the $ for that, Jillian, but I’ll get more if it can talk to us and diagnose the problems! 😉

    And Emily, I’ll let you know if I see anyone around here using one of these (I live within an hour of Forrests. It could happen. Maybe.

  4. I like how you posted that under “You gotta be kidding”. It’s made out of composite plastic, which generally scrapes down more quickly than the grenadilla ones (and certainly more quickly than the blue steel ones!) These appear to be the same as Kerry Willingham’s light plaques ( And as usual, Forrests has a billion dollar markup.