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(I am putting this at the top of the page at least once a week, in order to reach more double reed instructors. If you know of anyone who should be added, let them know about this service, please!)

I recently received a request to teach an oboist. Trouble was, the girl lived in Washington! So of course I have decided to begin a new project.

If you are a double reed instructor (yes, I’ll list bassoon instructors as well as oboe—be sure to specify!) please feel free to email me and I’ll start moving on this new project. I don’t know I want to give out addresses (a general location is a good idea) and if you honestly don’t care about making your street address available to the world I will go ahead and list it; it’s your risk, not mine! 🙂 If you don’t mind a phone number being listed I’ll provide that as well, and if you have any other information I might be able to include that too. (I give out my cell phone number at this site, as it doesn’t enable someone to get my actually street address.)

So send those emails, please! I’d like to provide this service asap.

Email me at pattyoboe [at] me [dot] com.

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