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About Eternal Sonata:

This classic role-playing game takes you back to 19th-century Paris, where you are absorbed into the final dream of dying composer Frederic Francois Chopin.

The world created in his dream is filled with people and places with names referencing musical terms. The primary characters — Chopin, Polka, Allegretto and Beat — possess special powers they are able to harness due to the effects of their failing health from incurable diseases. Together they battle enemies using magic, while caring for the townspeople of Ritardando as they search for an understanding of the magical world they are in.


I’d read about the game before, but hadn’t read about the characters before, or the town’s name. I’ve never played a video game before, but this one has me interested!

Hint: I have a birthday in a month and 7 days. 😉

Update … I kept the site running as I was looking at other things. After the first work (Chopin) the orchestra music begins. Ah yes … sounds like the music we played at the video game concert. It’s like cookie cutter music, I guess. It’s interesting to me that video game is so frequently “same old same old” … is no one allowed to do something unusual? I wonder.

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