12. October 2007 · Comments Off on Wishful Thinking · Categories: Ramble

Dan sometimes goes over to the Apple campus for various events. He’s an “Apple Distinguished Educator”. Nice, eh? So every time he gets home I ask him something like, “Did you suggest an oboe in residence program to them?”

For some reason he never gets around to it.

This last time, though, he did promise me that if, the next time, he saw “Steve” (no, they aren’t really on first name … or any name? … basis, but still….), he’d definitely bring it up. (Remember Dan, that was a PROMISE.) And no, Mr. Jobs isn’t around when Dan goes to these things. Not as far as i know.

So what a surprise to read this:

Recently contacted by a colleague from Microsoft Reading, I was surprised to learn that Microsoft would be running partner training on Oboes.

So okay, it isn’t really true, and it’s Microsoft anyway, so not my cuppa. But still … it got me back to wishful thinking about Apple.

An oboist can dream, right?

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