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Opera San José is a group I really don’t worry about. Why? Read this:

Even those who aren’t fans of arias should rejoice in the fact that when Opera San Jose closed the books on its 2006-07 season in the summer, it was its 23rd consecutive year in the black.

It’s really an applause worthy milestone, given the financial straits other arts companies are in and opera’s reputation as being too high-brow for mass audiences. And much of that applause must go to general director Irene Dalis, who has ably steered Opera San Jose’s ship since she founded it in 1984.

Dalis cites increased individual donations and ticket sales as helping keep the company in good financial shape while corporate and foundation donations have taken a dive.


Irene Dalis knows how to make things work, that’s for sure. I’m grateful.

*article no longer available

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“Those who land a job as an extra can look forward to earning $20 an act.”

… or, well … being on the stage at the Met. And that’s enough, isn’t it?

Read about it!

Now if you can’t be an extra for the Met, you could just buy a farm and sing to some cows.

And then there are those music lovin’ sparrows.

I clicked on the link for the cow article. Sorry … guess you have to register. Here’s a snippet though:

Cows don’t like rock music. They’re not too crazy about Western songs, either. They do like opera.

That’s what Fay Dickey told me when I interviewed her 25 years ago on her dairy farm near Leonard, Minn.

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Musicians make noise.

Today at 6:00 we’ll be having a quartet here rehearsing a couple of pieces. I figure 6:00-8:00 should be okay. I do hope so! (Besides, the neighbor who will get the brunt of the “noise” once commented on the oboe and said he enjoyed it. Yes, he recognized an oboe!) But musicians do have to take care … we have to be aware of neighbors and certainly if you share walls with other people you have to practice at “decent” hours. But I just read this article and I can’t believe someone would have complained after watching the video clip. What a pain.

I would love to move. I want a place with no yard. A condo would be good, but I know that would be unreasonable; I would still want to teach my students. So I am well aware that, should we move, I’d still probably need a house. But I wonder if even a house could have its problems. If a neighbor hates oboe or classical music, I’m sort of sunk, yes?

Have any readers had issues with their music noise?

(I’d love it if someone would deal with the people who think incredibly noisy motorcycles are okay, and wake me any all hours of the night with the darn things. Sigh.)

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My dream would be an empty stage. Empty. One chair. And bodies. The bodies of the singers. But singers able to act and to play as actors. That is my dream. But where can we do that? Because of course when people go to opera they don’t want to have an empty stage. And particularly here in America. They want to have entertainment. They want to have big show. They want to have Broadway with opera.

-Natalie Dessay (Heard here.)