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(Thanks, ACB, for the news!)

From the online version of the New Yorker:

Like many people, I started blogging out of an urgent need to procrastinate.

Okay, maybe he’s putting off doing something else. I see “procrastinate” and I automatically think OBOE REEDS! Ah yes, my brain is now chanting, “oboe reeds, oboe reeds, oboe reeds…”. Sigh. I have concerts coming up. I want to have a good supply of reeds. I need to work on them. Now.

But, of course, I blog. Therefore I am. So whatever. 😉

Back to the Alex Ross articleI’m included!

Oh … I guess that should have read “but back to me after talking about me.” Right? Sorry! Blogs are pretty self-centered I guess. Still, it is … well … it’s really a shock and an honor (ick “shock and honor” sounds a bit too close to something else, doesn’t it? I don’t mean to sound war-like.) to be included in his links in the article. He mentions oboists, and my website is the direct link. Wow. I think I’ll do an oboe dance or something.

(What does an oboe dance look like? It’s purely in the mind. Going counterclockwise, mind you. And wearing clothes. 😉

Other blogs he linked to:

… and of course more.

So, check out the article, and then check out The Rest is Noise, Alex Ross’s blog.

Oh. And buy his book. I haven’t ordered it yet (it comes out tomorrow), but I have this birthday coming up. (If I can wait that long. Probably not.) Hmm. I’m betting I hold out for … oh, I dunno … a few more hours? (He’ll be in the Bay Area on October 17 and 18, btw.)

I might get to blogging about ego and jealousy and competition today. It’s been running through my brain lately. Because I have an ego. And I get jealous. And I say I’m not competitive but I’m starting to doubt that.

Stay tuned.

Right now I’m going to go back and see if that dancer has changed directions!

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