16. October 2007 · Comments Off on Busy, Busy · Categories: Ramble

I’m just home from UCSC. It was one long drive home; there had been an accident on highway 17, although it had been cleared by the time I came by. Still, the after affects of a collision are always bad on that road. On the way to UCSC I saw some rather reckless driving, which is typical of 17. Add misty rain into the mix, which is what I had on the way home, and it’s almost certain there will be at least one accident. Ah well.

So now that I’m home I have 30 minutes to eat something and prepare for the private students here. It’s a rush-rush-rush sort of day!

Better busy than bored, though.

And welcome to New Yorker readers who landed here because of the Alex Ross article. I hope you enjoy your read (and if you’re an oboe player I hope you enjoy many reeds as well). Drop by any time. I do a lot of rambling as you’ve probably already noticed. I’m pretty darn honest too, so you’re gonna see me in a kind of “bare bones” way … um … I mean in a revealing way … but with clothes. Always.

So there you go.

Now off to warm up for private student #1!

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