I’d be blogging about now. And watching some sort of Law & Order show (if I have no work at night … and this week all my work is during the day!). Yeah, I watch L&O. What can I say? I get hooked on those kinds of things. But tonight? I’m too darn tired. It turned out that I made a little trip back to UCSC because Jameson needed some things by tomorrow. Thankfully Dan could go along so he drove and I relaxed. (Until RLS hit on the way home.) Wouldn’t ya know Jameson found out he needed some clothing items this afternoon? Had he received the email yesterday we would have saved the trip, gas money, mileage … and missed out on a nice sushi dinner with him. Hmmm. Guess seeing our son and enjoying some good food is an okay thing, yes?

Think on the positive. Think on the positive. Think on the … oh … too tired …

So for now I’m actually going to bed early and I think I’ll continue my reading of Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner. If I can manage to keep my eyes open. (I read this book a long time ago, and I thought it was time to get back to it.)

Tomorrow I have quartet rehearsal, Santa Clara U., and two private students. Another busy day. I’m sorely tempted to insert a bookstore visit in there to pick up The Rest Is Noise. Seems like I should … don’t you think? The following day (Thursday) is another story … maybe I’ll blog about it later. For now I’ll just say it’s a liquid diet day. (I do wonder how it’ll be to teach three students when I’m allowed no food all day.) Aren’t you sorry you aren’t in my shoes?

Hah! If you want my shoes you can have ’em. 😉


  1. Jeannette Clemons

    Do your shoes get to drink some Really YUMMY liquid tonight? Good luck tomorrow,,,be thinking of you. J

  2. No, but my shoes get to drink some really yummy liquid TOMORROW night. (Today I’m still on food … hoorah for me!)

    I get to do what I am calling the two “ostomies” Friday morning. They are trying to figure out why my ferritin level is a whopping 3 … all my iron levels are way off, actually. Fun, eh? 🙂

  3. Jeannette Clemons

    Make sure you chill the stuff COLD! JC