I just downloaded this album from emusic.com. It’s called Oboe – French Sonatas. It includes Poulenc, Dutilleaux, Arnold, Schumann, and Lalliet. Hmmm. Is “French Sonata” referring to a style not the composers? (Yes, I’m stupid enough not to know if that could be the case. Stop laughing at me. Or shaking your heads. I’m an oboe player, Jim, not a scholar.)

When I transferred the music to iTunes I looked at Genre. emusic.com had classified it as “Reggae”!

Ah yes. Those good old Reggae French Sonatas!

Anyway, the player, Lee Yuen-Jeong is new to me. Anyone want to fill me in on this oboist?

(Side Note: Yummmmm … hot water for breakfast! 😉


  1. Actually, Yoon-jung Lee is my former teacher in Korea, and I asked her about the title. I guess someone else named it. (Trust me, after living in Korea for 6 years, there’s a lot worse typos and English mistakes than this one). She is a very good player and teacher, lent me her d’amore for free, and helped me prepare for my Bach d’amore concerto performance. (Although her hourly rates are expensive! $120 an hour! This is typical rate in Korea.) A former Ferillo student, plays on American/German hybrid reeds. I actually traded her my Gold Dallas d’amore bocal for my 2nd Graf machine. I’ll be in debt to her for a long time.

  2. Ah … thanks, Cooper! What I’ve heard sounds very good … I just haven’t been able to listen to it all yet. Interesting about the title. Ah well … what’s in a name, anyway? And I’m sure calling it Reggae was emusic’s mistake. (Great mistake, eh?)