20. October 2007 · Comments Off on Like it? Want to Hear it Again? · Categories: Links, News, Ramble

Here is an interesting idea: if you like the concert you heard by the Saint Louis Symphony you can take your used ticket to another performance (you have to be there at least one hour prior to the start of the program) and hear it again. I really like that idea! Why not have people return if there are seats to spare? I can tell you from personal experience that a hall with empty seats can be demoralizing. Empty seats can also send a message (not a true message, but still) to the audience suggesting “loser group” or “loser program” or some such thing. So why not fill those seats? What harm can come from it? (Of course one could take advantage of the system. Why not take your used ticket and give it to someone who didn’t go the first time … hmmm … how do they deal with that? Ah well, I guess there will always be someone out there taking advantage of things like this. The seats are still being filled.)

The more I read about the SLSO the more impressed I am with how they do things. Their site is clean looking too, which is something I find quite important (even while my site could use some “clean up work” … sigh.) They even have a traffic warning at the bottom right now, telling people about a problem in a freeway. How handy is that? AND they have a blog which I think is so darn cool. Yes, indeed. I’m impressed.

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