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When you get hear some music
and you think that it’s no good
give a another listen!
Give another listen!
When you want to dump it
but you don’t know if you should
give another listen!
Give another listen!

Not just a little time
give it your best shot.
And if you think you can’t,
yell “Patty says try it!”

Keep in mind your ears might start
to hear a different way.
Give a another listen!
Give another listen!
Another listen just might make your day.

(Okay, without Jiminy Cricket it just isn’t as good, is it? But still ….)

I played it three times, then left it alone. Couple of days later, I played it on my way to work. Once, two times and, finally, as I pulled into a parking space, I just had to finish hearing it again.

I was laughing, you see, because I realized that as I stepped out of my car into that drizzle I was humming a tune from “Conga.” (RTWT)

This is giving music a chance. Good idea, if you ask me. Sometimes the music will come out the loser. Sometimes not. But listening once isn’t the best way to judge something. I know. With some pop music I hear a tune once and I tend to be a sucker. I buy the darn thing … sometimes even the whole album. After three times or four I realize I’ve heard the “all of it” and the music has no more to offer. The same thing can happen with “classical” music. (Or Awesome Music … but it’s not always awesome, you know?) Some works have more to offer—they are so “rich” they might, at first, be too much for me. Some turn out to be “one listen” works. And some … well okay, I’ll be honest … some are “negative listen” works (meaning, I wish I hadn’t heard it even once). Yeah. I’m harsh that way. But I don’t know what a work really is for me until I’ve listening to it a good number of times. (And what is one person’s “negative listen” is another’s “awesome” sometimes. It’s kind of a mystery how that happens.)

But really, so many works just have too much to hear and it’s difficult to grasp the work on one listen. So I recommend not dismissing something if you think, after one listen, that it’s garbage. Give another listen.

Okay. Silly ramble, I suppose. But there you go. (And do you now have Give a Little Whistle running through your head?)

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