23. October 2007 · Comments Off on The English Horn Life · Categories: Ramble

I knew I wouldn’t be needed until the end of the symphony rehearsal tonight, but I can never convince myself to stay home for very long. I did manage to get to the hall after they had started rehearsing though. I usually can’t even wait that long! So I arrived at about 7:40 for a rehearsal that began at 7:30. I was told they’d be doing Schumann (Piano Concerto in A minor), then Brahms (third symphony), and finally end with Debussy (Prèlude l’après-midi d’un faune). I play the Debussy only, as I’ve mentioned before.

I always bring a book, but I rarely read. I can’t concentrate on a book very well when I’m listening. It’s hard not to listen when you are in a concert hall. I did, though, go over my opera part a bit, since I had just picked it up. Hah! Good thing I did. Good old Kalmus. The oboe books for Werther had pages out of order!. The first few pages went 2 (which is the first page of music), 5, 4, 3 and finally, from page 6 on, things are correct. As a former librarian who has dealt with issues like this, I’ve told the company that Kalmus is so full of errors a librarian has to go page by page to fix things. So far they haven’t taken me seriously. Part of me is sort of sorry I caught the error. (Things never change unless you kind of force change, you know?) Ah well. The other part of me is happy to avoid wasted rehearsal time figuring out the problem.

But anyway … back to the rehearsal … after enjoying some Schumann and Brahms I did finally play for the final 20 minutes of the rehearsal. I’m okay with that. That’s part of the English horn life. (The other part is sit, sit, sit, sit, worry, worry, play huge scary solo, sit, sit, sit …. But no scary solos in this set.)

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