I landed here, and got a kick out of a lot of what I read. I’m not really totally clued into what yelp is about, but I guess anyone can write about whatever there and get reviews, advice, and whatnot in one’s own city…? I landed on the first link above because of my San Francisco Symphony news feed. You’ll find some fun comments, some interesting ones, some puzzling, and a ton of typos. Here are just a few:

It is not a requirement that you dress up attending the symphony (it says so on it’s website), business causual is fine if you are getting off work.

my first symphony last week was the ADDream.

I have no idea what I just saw and heard. I think it was Lizst and Beethoven and Prokofiev… But gosh, was it good. And the people who performed it were amazing. It’s safe to say I was blown away.

Playing Paul McCartney’s “Classical” music would be unforgivable if they did not do so many great performances of of so much music.
For a major orchestra they do tons of new music.
Personally, I like hearing the classics just as much and while I love new music, a city orchestra’s job is still to play classical music, which they do extremely well.

So … you might want to just check it out. The comments are definitely entertaining. I think it’s great for us old and jaded folks to read it to see what those who are new to they symphony scene think, what they see and hear, and how they react.


  1. i once showed up in work clothes to meet a friend at a concert we already had tickets for( in my case jeans and uniform shirt), forgot to bring my change of clothing when i left at 5am in the morning. One woman in her jewels and black gown (first concert of the season)was so incensed, that she reported me to an usher. The usher tried not to look at me. My friend and I always kid each other for any opening concert now, did you get the jewels out of the vault for the concert?

  2. Wow … that’s pretty amazing! But I’m sure, in jeans, that you simply didn’t hear as well as someone in jewels. 😉