24. October 2007 · Comments Off on We Really Can Smile · Categories: Ramble, San Francisco Symphony

I was just looking at San Francisco Symphony’s website because I wanted to see what’s up with the Queen performing there on November 25. (Didn’t find anything, and yet I have a press release.) And I noticed that two of the three artists on the home page look so darn serious. And then there’s Gustavo Dudamel. He looks happy. And relaxed. I think I like him.

It’s a funny thing, the publicity photo. And it’s not just the “classical” folk. For some reason an “artiste” doesn’t smile. Oh no. We are serious about what we do. Or we just look terribly terribly sad. Or sometimes like we are more about getting someone into bed than the concert hall. Same with models, of course. Have you ever looked at a model for a good long time? Would you want to be that morose? I dunno … I’m not sure I’d want some of these people to be my friends. They all look as if they need therapy. Of course then there’s yours truly; I just smile and wield sharp knives! 🙂


But really … I love doing what I do (yes, including the whining) and I see no reason to look so darn serious or forlorn. Don’t we want people to think that this is an enjoyable thing? Sure, we like our miserable moments in music … who doesn’t want to fall to the floor weeping on occasion because of the wonder of the music? … but still.

I’m just sayin’ ….

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