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“Some young people are interested in classical music, but they don’t have enough money to buy tickets to big theatres, so they choose these bars instead.”

In Ha Noi, it’s now very easy to find a cafe or bar playing live music, especially on Nguyen Du or Thai Thinh streets. Some bars play only classical music. Young people tend to enjoy these quiet spots at the end of small roads, far from the cacophonous city swarming with crowds and tourists.

… and later …

Tran Hai, a composer from the Ha Noi Conservatory of Music, confided, “Before, I thought that orchestras performed in large theatres, playing primarily for the rich or those with musical education. (Most people are middle-aged, rarely are there young people). I thought classical music was noble and geared for those of high class. But now my opinion has changed considerably. Music simply appeared to improve life without distinguishing between poverty or wealth. Playing music in the bar, I find many young people come here and listen with intensity. I feel very happy. The young people seem accustomed to listening even to the more difficult pieces of classical music. This is a good sign!” (RTWT)

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