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The remarkable oboist Alex Klein, who grew up in a small Brazilian town with limited musical possibilities, attended an orchestra concert as a little kid and heard the oboe; he pointed to the instrument and said, “I want to play that one,” and was motivated enough to travel a seven-hour bus ride to his lessons.

And I have parents who say that a fifteen minute drive to my home is too far!

The article “How to give your child a lifelong interest in music” might interest some of you.

Questions I might add: Ask about the cost of choosing the instrument you’re considering. Does the instrument itself cost a lot? Does it lose value (in case you decide to sell)? Will it need replacing and, if so, when? With a reed instrument, how long do reeds last? What do they cost? You might also ask about the frustration level of the instrument. Some instruments (piano, for instance) at least provide sound no matter what. For some, playing oboe takes a bit of time to get a sound at all, and longer to get a decent sound.

Just some other things to think about.

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