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Jason Gresl once attended a youth concert in a school where the superintendent asked the students beforehand how they would applaud at a sporting event.

“They hooted and hollered,” he says. “Then he said, ‘How would you applaud at a symphony concert?’ They gave that polite golf clap.”

Enter Gresl in his role as the education programs coordinator for the South Bend Symphony Orchestra. He wants children to give more than a “golf clap” when they hear classical music, and he wants them to become performers, too. (a href=”http://www.southbendtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071026/Ent/71026062/1038/Ent”>RTWT)

I remember when there used to be a speech before our opera open dress rehearsals that students could attend. Someone would tell the children that they couldn’t whistle or go crazy like they do for other events, but that they could say bravo, brava and bravi. The speaker explained how to use each of those, having the children repeat after her, “bra” (they’d giggle and say “bra”) and then “vi”. (Or “vo” or “va”.) As far as I was concerned we’d just told the kids not to have fun. It always mad me sort of sad.

I say hoot. Holler. Cheer. Whatever works for you.

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