So the recital is over. And I’m pleased with how I played. Really. Saying that is, for me, one huge deal. But I had fun, and I do believe I played well. I felt as if I was making music … and that is the #1 most important thing of all, yes? (I don’t mean “making music” as in “I played the right notes and rhythms” but in the being expressive and shaping things and all that jazz.)

Our audience wasn’t huge, but it was better than sometimes and seemed appreciative. I saw one former student there (Hi Sara!) but if any of my current UCSC students were there they left before I got up to the reception. Hmmm. I do hope they showed up. I’m a bit befuddled by students who want to study and play oboe, but don’t bother to hear their teacher perform. I’m really hoping I just missed them!

Anyway, now that it’s over I’m somewhat sad; the two works we played were so enjoyable to both play and hear. I will miss them.

Thanks, Becky, for the email. I’m so happy to hear that one of my students was able to attend. 🙂


  1. Glad you made it through. And I’m glad you were able to enjoy the concert!

  2. Well, after all my worrying and grumping it was really quite enjoyable, and when I play well and feel as if I’m communicating music properly I’m a happy camper!

    Funny thing is, our guest speaker at church was talking about obedience in the morning (preaching from Luke 17), and how sometimes we simply have to obey even when we don’t feel it in our hearts. (And how we don’t necessarily get kudos for doing the right thing.) Then he mentioned going to work even when we don’t feel like it! Heh. He kind of described how I was feeling. I thanked him after and he said, “But even if you don’t feel like it you may be blessed.” He was right. Go figure.