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We just had a mighty strong earthquake here. (Or “earthquack” as I wrote first.) I had to run to the doorway … the family room was swaying just a bit too much for my taste. Turns out, though, that it wasn’t as strong as the 1989; the epicenter (epicentre?) was just closer to us. And yes, I was actually scared.

And now my headache is back. (My brain doesn’t really appreciate it when immovable things are moving around me!)

No damage, but one of Kelsey’s pictures was nearly gored by a ceramic cow. Whew! Close call. (Or would that be “cattle call”? Oh. Sorry. Earthquakes do weird things to me.)

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Pizarro: Early opera star, soloist reunited
By Sal Pizarro
Mercury News
Article Launched: 10/30/2007 01:58:04 AM PDT

When Symphony Silicon Valley honored longtime supporter John Tyers on Saturday, it also created an unexpected reunion.

Tyers and his wife, Helena, were early stars of Broadway and opera and moved to the Bay Area later in life. John Tyers, who helped recruit conductor George Cleve to the San Jose Symphony more than 35 years ago, died in July at age 92.

Helena Tyers attended Saturday’s concert honoring her husband and featuring Cleve. But she also recognized the evening’s soloist, Seymour Lipkin.

Lipkin, it turns out, had been her accompanist 65 years earlier when she was performing with the Philadelphia Opera Company and he was a 15-year-old pianist attending the Curtis Institute of Music.

Lipkin and Helena Tyers had a grand reunion after the concert. He not only remembered her but also recounted the leading roles she played and the performers who appeared opposite her.

(Found here.*)

*link no longer working

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Miller opted for a replacement question: What other instrument does an English horn resemble? Choices included the trumpet, French horn and oboe.

On television, Miller said she was in band at school, but she had no clue, finally going with French horn.

Alas, Vieira informed her an English horn looks like an oboe. (RTWT)

Another item Father Christmas always seems to have with him is an English horn. (RTWT)

Do you think the writer meant “French horn”? I just can’t remember a Father Christmas holding an English horn before.

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Rats. I wish they would. I’m not disgusted by my playing, but I’m not exactly blown away either. Double rats. (Hah! I think I might have just heard a Jameson cough on the recording. Hmmm. I’ll have to ask him if that was his “voice”!) I guess I should have a less harsh ear listen sometime. (But would I be destroyed by the words I hear? I wonder.)

Tone too bright. Pitch slightly sharp. Vibrato uneven. At least to my ears.

Yeah, I’m picky that way.

Ick. Last movement … messy. Sigh.

And I hate my reed!

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So the BQ for today is: once I hear Sunday’s recital will I still be saying it was a good concert?

One never knows ….

Off to UCSC!

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We all have to figure out what we like doing for its own sake, rather than for the attention it gleans us. The college years are an optimal time to explore different studies and immerse oneself in activities that not only broaden horizons, but also kindle a whole new idea of what we may want to do with ourselves once we leave school. Conservatories, being vocational schools, do not offer these opportunities so much.

Barring extraordinary circumstances, I would urge any student not to attend a conservatory for their undergraduate years. (RTWT)

This is not to say every single student should avoid a conservatory as an undergrad, but I do believe most students would benefit more from first attending a university or college.

Keep options open. Explore other alternatives. See the whole world, not just the musical one. Continue to enjoy music. Embrace it if you are able. But keep an open mind. It’s just a good idea.