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We all have to figure out what we like doing for its own sake, rather than for the attention it gleans us. The college years are an optimal time to explore different studies and immerse oneself in activities that not only broaden horizons, but also kindle a whole new idea of what we may want to do with ourselves once we leave school. Conservatories, being vocational schools, do not offer these opportunities so much.

Barring extraordinary circumstances, I would urge any student not to attend a conservatory for their undergraduate years. (RTWT)

This is not to say every single student should avoid a conservatory as an undergrad, but I do believe most students would benefit more from first attending a university or college.

Keep options open. Explore other alternatives. See the whole world, not just the musical one. Continue to enjoy music. Embrace it if you are able. But keep an open mind. It’s just a good idea.

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