30. October 2007 · 1 comment · Categories: Ramble

Rats. I wish they would. I’m not disgusted by my playing, but I’m not exactly blown away either. Double rats. (Hah! I think I might have just heard a Jameson cough on the recording. Hmmm. I’ll have to ask him if that was his “voice”!) I guess I should have a less harsh ear listen sometime. (But would I be destroyed by the words I hear? I wonder.)

Tone too bright. Pitch slightly sharp. Vibrato uneven. At least to my ears.

Yeah, I’m picky that way.

Ick. Last movement … messy. Sigh.

And I hate my reed!

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  1. You certainly cannot judge the brightness of your tone quality by a recording. Where was the microphone? What microphone was used? How was it positioned? What recording equipment was used? How was EQ adjusted?


    Similar things can happen with the other issues you mentioned.

    Plus, and perhaps most importantly, the performance itself was wonderful. I enjoyed it a great deal, as did the other people I observed in the audience. I think it is worth trusting the audience at a live performance at least as much as trusting a recording.