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I drove down to SoCal today. Using our old car soon to become Kelsey’s new car, which doesn’t have an iPod hookup (how pathetic, eh?), I had to choose which CDs to bring along (I didn’t want to take to many, as I’ll be flying home). Early on I listened to some Piano Quintets (Rachmaninoff—yeah, no oboe in that one—,Mozart & Beethoven). The first didn’t excite me a lot, but I really never seem to get Rachmaninoff. (I heard his second piano sonata later on, and again there was just too much “stuff” and I get overwhelmed. Call my simple.) The Mozart and Beethoven are both so great, and I’d love to play them again sometime. I attempted Werther, since we begin rehearsals next Tuesday, but listening to opera in a car just doesn’t work. Too many changes in dynamics. (The same goes for a lot of classical music; chamber music works okay, but symphonies and operas have too much dynamic contrast.) After that I moved to Annie Lennox’s new CD. It’s nice. I’m not sure I’ll listen to it a much more; for some reason I get less and less out of pop CDs while I tend to get more from the classical music upon multiple listens. (Yeah, I’m a nerd.) Following Lennox I just verified that my download (legal, thank you very much) of a ton of “Lamb” was wasted on yours truly. I just don’t get them. Ah well. (Reminder to self: Self, do NOT downolad a ton of stuff just because you hear one tune you like! You are being silly if you do.) Interspersed with the final CD, Joni Mitchell’s new one that includes a “fakestra” some of the time, was news because of the horrendous LA traffic. (And accident … as usual.) The Mitchell CD doesn’t do it for me. It’s just too preachy and not in a poetic way. I love her voice … nice and smokey (ah, what cigarettes with do, eh?) … but I really don’t need to be told any more how horrible we are or how the earth is being ruined. I just don’t need it. Maybe I’m just old and jaded. Even her “Paved paradise, put up a parking lot” tune wasn’t as good as before. The one tune I enjoyed until the end was her song to the Kipling poem “If”. Too bad she changed the ending.

And now it’s on to wedding plans! Woo hoo! Exciting times ahead.

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It’s not a question of a special talent characteristic of men; this has just been the tradition and perception. In the past, women simply did not have the opportunity to become composers or conductors. But my little son, who has witnessed my concert life, believes that conducting is ‘a girl’s job’.

-Gisele Ben-Dor (RTWT)

(There’s another article on women conductors here, in case you are interested.)