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I’m only “half here” these days. Planning a wedding is pretty time-consuming! Finding a venue is the biggest time eater of them all. Lots of wedding locations are pretty goofy, really. Lots and lots of white “junk” like trellises and various things. It all starts to look very cheesy (or “Chapel of Love” like, as Kelsey & Mel put it) and definitely not manish at all … is it all for the woman? Doesn’t the guy count? Gee. Seems wrong somehow. So then I look at these other places which look very … I dunno … contemporary cold or something. (And THOSE cost megabucks anyway.) Or then there are the extremely classy places. Those are mega-megabucks.

Never mind.

So it’s back & forth, back & forth.

Then there’s figuring out what the cost is. You really have to have your calculator! It’s not just one fee. You have to ADD, doggone it! And even multiply. Wow. Haven’t done that in a while.

And of course it’s not up to me to do the choosing. So there’s that too. I’m just the “research queen” as Dan calls me. (Or did I give myself that name? Hmm. That would be mighty egotistical of me, wouldn’t it?)

So I keep hunting. And hunting. And my eyes are beginning to glaze over.

So now it’s off to opera. Where I hope the eyes will unglaze for at least a while!

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