I had to miss SCU’s concert, but I did manage to make it over the hill (and through the rain) to the UCSC orchestra concert. What a pleasure! The concert opened with Lou Harrison’s Elegiac Symphony. (Anyone know why the parts all say “Elegaic”? Is it just a typo?) I’ve actually played the work twice, and my markings were still in the (rental) English horn part. Funny, eh? My former student, Sara Hancock played oboe and current student Rebecca Harris played the English horn (doubling on oboe). Sara then conducted Villa Lobos’ Choros No. 7, and Rebecca played the oboe part. Bravi tutti! What an enjoyable first half!

No oboes in the second half, when they presented Piazzolla’s Four Seasons. Fun work!

I’m glad I had more energy yesterday and made it to the “show”, as the student who gave the announcement about no recordings called it. Funny. I don’t think of a concert as a show. I think of a musical theater performance as a show. I think of a play as a “production” rather than a show. I wonder what it is about the word “show” that makes it not work for certain things (for yours truly anyway) and not for others. Opera = performance for me. Ballet? Well, that’s just a “let’s see how many bad tempi we can choose” kind of thing.

Okay. I’ll take that last one back. Sort of.


  1. “Elegaic” appears to be just a typo, but I have to say, despite the problem it creates with the “g”, it looks more correct to me. (So much so that I had to actually look it up in the dictionary.)

  2. It does look more correct, doesn’t it? But I’m curious how you knew it was a typo … did you research it? I had looked it up and couldn’t find any reference to the issue. I’d love to know for sure! (I have a feeling Lou might have written out the parts himself.)

  3. Oh, oops…I thought you just wanted confirmation that it was spelled wrong. I don’t know if that’s the reason for the spelling on the parts.

  4. Ah, got it, Rachel!

    Yeah, I knew it was spelled incorrectly. What I want is the “back story” so to speak. Probably won’t ever happen, though. Ah well!