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Loree Oboe C+3 AK Grenadilla
Serial number NZ95
Loree English horn I+3
Serial number MH16
Date Stolen: 11/9/07

Owner Kyle Bruckmann

kb [at] kylebruckmann [dot] com

Stolen at: Mission b/t 16th and 17th St, San Francisco CA
Comments: outfitted with a Rigoutat thumb rest. stolen in double case, reed cases, tools, everything.

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(I know Kyle and I was so sorry to get this news. Please keep your eyes open for this!)

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… well, aside from a silly oboist coming in nice and strong … but wrong.

Sigh. Yes. I’m speaking of myself.

I’m still not entirely familiar with the opera, as much as I’ve studied and listened to it. (I don’t know how some of my colleagues do this job without getting a recording, but some do a great job reading down an opera at the first rehearsal. Go figure!) Still, I was certain I was coming in correctly. And yet I’m sure I didn’t. (I’m actually not entirely sure what happened at that point, and we didn’t get back to that section in the small amount of rehearsal time after we ran the opera.)

But anyway, I think the rehearsal was quite a bit better than last night’s. I guess we are all just getting used to what’s going on. There are some interesting rhythmical things; in one spot I have a syncopation going against what the flute and clarinet play. In another spot I hear a “Philip Glass” moment. Really! (Maybe I’m the only one who hears it that way, though.) I absolutely love learning new works, and this one has some lovely moments. I get the impression the singers are sounding fabulous too. I can hear little snippets now and then. And I definitely hear the kids in a couple of sections.

Now if we can only get that darn oboist (aka “me”) to count correctly! 😉

In other news

  • It’s so much fun to order music for our voice major son. And he landed a part in UCSC’s production of Menotti’s The Consul. How cool is that?!
  • Kelsey and Mel have found the venue for a June 22 wedding. How cool is that?!
  • For those of you who expressed concern about my health, I’m doing so much better I can hardly believe it! My energy level is improving. I no longer suffer from restless legs. And I’m sleeping too! How cool is that?!

    Yeah, I’m in a pretty darn good mood. Even with my inability to count.

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    Read this:

    We have received this letter, and we’d like to know if the observation in it accords with your experience: “Dear Stay in Touch, I work at the Opera House, so I can’t tell you my name. The managers have decided to put toilet brushes in all the public toilets so that patrons can clean up after they have done their thing. The trouble is that no one is using them. Can you blame them? This is DIY gone mad. Yours faithfully, an Opera House employee.”