13. November 2007 · Comments Off on My Big Fat Mouth Fingers · Categories: Ramble

Yeah … that’s how I’m feeling right now.

I need to work on a few things. I know that. I tend to spout off here. I sometimes have an “attitude”. (Doesn’t everyone? It’s just that mine can be rather negative. Go figure.) I tend to write off the top of my head … or the tips of my fingers. Something. Sometimes it comes back to haunt me. No surprise, eh?

My original plan for this blog was to writing about my music life. And I do that. I rant, too. Not always the wisest thing to do; have I lost gigs because of it? I’m guessing so. My dear husband reminds me to be smart (Well, he’s never used the word “smart”, but he has very good advice when it comes to blogging). Trouble is I’m not always smart enough to be smart. Hmmm.

Anyway, I am going to try to readjust the attitude. I still want to be honest, but more carefully so. And I really will try to stick to my “patty rules” (“Is it true?” and “Is it kind?” or “Is it necessary?” … or both? If not, don’t go there. Period.) We’ll see if I can manage.

The thing is, when I do something stupid, I start to feel like an idiot. And I feel trapped. And I don’t like that feeling. My stomach gets tied in knots. I wind up a basket case. So I need to work on this. Working is good, yes?

In other news … nearly time to go over the hill. And yeah, I know you’re all thinking, “You ARE over the hill!” And that’s true too, eh? And soon to be another year over that hill. How ’bout that? I always have a birthday sometime during the second opera run of the season. This time, though, the actual evening will be spent up in San Francisco, attending a dress rehearsal of The Rake’s Progress. To continue with last night’s posthow cool is that?!

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