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Last night was a two reed night. So was tonight. Prior to these rehearsals I’ve been using three different reeds. (When I use two I switch between acts 2 and 3. Using three means one reed for act 1, one for act 2, and the last for acts 3 and 4. News you could use, right?) Fortunately they are working fine … I just am more comfortable switching them because of the way my reeds are feeling these days. We’ll see if some weather (any rain coming?) will change how I feel about them. It IS nice to have a fair number of reeds that are working!

Yes, I counted correctly where I didn’t count correctly last night. Yes, I counted incorrectly in another place. Nothing horribly noticeable to the audience, but certainly annoying. I was quite weary; I had made coffee prior to the start of teaching today. Then I forgot to drink it! (It’s still sitting in my studio, in fact.) Crazy, no?

I’ve continue the search for music for Kelsey and Mel (I can do the research, they can do the choosing). Yesterday I contacted a bunch of classical groups via gigmasters. Today I contacted some jazz groups. The majority of classical groups got right back to me. I’ve not heard from a jazz group yet. Hmmm. Is this telling? We classical musicians need work? Jazz players are laid back? Anyway, I found it funny.

Too bad I can’t find a small group that can do both, eh?

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It all began in 2002, when the Berlin Philharmonic decided to widen the orchestra’s reach to spectators with little or no interest in classical music, all over the globe. (RTWT)

The little article just moved me. Really. It’s all simple … going to out to the people, reaching those who might not reach for us. But I wonder if it could happen with orchestras around here. I’m not sure. Sometimes it’s just too costly, although doing chamber music is a bit less of a stretch (moving chairs, stands, and all the other things we use requires a large truck and does cost money!).

Speaking of money: I’ve been starting the “music investigation” for our daughter’s wedding. I have to laugh at the irony of cringing at the cost of musicians. Funny eh? Or maybe I’m just sort of pathetic! (Well, yeah … there IS that ….) But obviously she and Mel should have live music for the ceremony. I couldn’t stand to hear the canned stuff. So I’m looking around. The wedding is outdoors at a winery. It’s an incredible setting, really. Kelsey mentioned maybe guitar. Maybe strings. We’ll see! And no, I don’t plan on playing. I’m there to enjoy and watch my lovely daughter and her man on their special day. Besides, I always remember Kelsey from third grade. I came in to her class to demonstrate the oboe. As I was playing something from a Disney movie (the kids usually love that) I looked down to see my sweet girl looking pained and not looking up at me at all. “Oh no!” I thought, I’ve embarrassed her by doing this!” After, I asked. And no, it wasn’t embarrassment. She said that I just “look really weird when I play.” That’s my visual girl! 🙂 (I remember once, going out to eat with her. As we left the restaurant I commented on how the music was on a tape and repeated over and over and I was going nuts. She hadn’t noticed that at ALL, but had seen the awful art on the walls. Go figure.)

Okay … ramble over and out.

One more dress rehearsal (we have two casts, thus two dress rehearsals) tonight. Saturday is opening night. I’m already starting to think about the next gig; I have SSV following opera, and I have to switch hats from principal oboe to English horn (Pictures and at** an Exhibition by Mussorgsky (Ravel orchestration) and Roberto Sierra’s Fandangos). Gotta get the EH chops working … following that set I have a ton of Nuts.

**Thanks for catching that, DK! Dont’cha love typos … especially when they change the whole thing. Pictures AND an exhibition might be fun though. Especially if it’s a chocolate exhibition. Or wine. Or some other yummy thing. 😉