15. November 2007 · Comments Off on Two and Three Reed Nights · Categories: Ramble

Last night was a two reed night. So was tonight. Prior to these rehearsals I’ve been using three different reeds. (When I use two I switch between acts 2 and 3. Using three means one reed for act 1, one for act 2, and the last for acts 3 and 4. News you could use, right?) Fortunately they are working fine … I just am more comfortable switching them because of the way my reeds are feeling these days. We’ll see if some weather (any rain coming?) will change how I feel about them. It IS nice to have a fair number of reeds that are working!

Yes, I counted correctly where I didn’t count correctly last night. Yes, I counted incorrectly in another place. Nothing horribly noticeable to the audience, but certainly annoying. I was quite weary; I had made coffee prior to the start of teaching today. Then I forgot to drink it! (It’s still sitting in my studio, in fact.) Crazy, no?

I’ve continue the search for music for Kelsey and Mel (I can do the research, they can do the choosing). Yesterday I contacted a bunch of classical groups via gigmasters. Today I contacted some jazz groups. The majority of classical groups got right back to me. I’ve not heard from a jazz group yet. Hmmm. Is this telling? We classical musicians need work? Jazz players are laid back? Anyway, I found it funny.

Too bad I can’t find a small group that can do both, eh?

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