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Another review of Werther is here. The reviewer came to Sunday’s matinee. He is quite positive in his review.

(I’ll write tomorrow—if I find the time—about The Rake’s Progress, which I attended tonight. But in case I don’t write … I’ll at least say I really enjoyed it. I sure wish OSJ would put that on again!)


Someone landed here when doing a search on “plastic reeds”.

And the answer is NO.

Or maybe the answer is NO NO NO NO NO.

Or just a simple NEVER.

Don’t go there. It’s not worth it. They are junk. Really.

And now I’m off to the dress rehearsal of The Rake’s Progress. (With dinner first … to celebrate my birthday. I am no longer 50. I am now 51.)

50 was sort of nifty
51 will be more fun

Or how ’bout …

I went over the hill at fifty
And now I’m fifty two
From here on out it’s all downhill
I’m fine with that, aren’t you?

Okay. NOW I’m gone.

I just read a little blurb about a concert which included this phrase:

…was uncharacteristically rhythmic for modern classical music….

I don’t want to sound like an idiot, but is modern classical music not rhythmic, for the most part? What did the writer mean, I wonder?

Feeling rather stupid ….

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I enjoy reading oboist James Roe’s blog, and I appreciated what I just read that begins:

Playing solo English horn…

Yes. Playing English horn needs to be called “solo English horn” for that is what it is that majority of the time. Where I play, it is paid side pay, which means no principal Which means lots of solos and lots of stress but no monetary acknowledgment of such. Yes, there is the tremendous joy of playing such a wonderful instrument. I love that. And sure, that sometimes can suffice. But … this is really wacky … if I choose the more stressful solo English horn part in Rite of Spring I will earn less than if I choose the third oboe/English horn double. Is that nuts? I think so. Of course it isn’t all about money. But sometimes … well … sometimes one decides to go for income rather than major stress, if you know what I mean. (Hmmm. Am I bursting bubbles for some of you? I sure hope not. I just have to be realistic here. Or do I? And will I be reprimanded for this … sigh. Probably.)

Anyway, read James’ blog entry about Vanessa. I wish I could have been there. (I played the opera once, in and Opera San José production, but it was eons ago. I would love to play it again.)