Someone landed here when doing a search on “plastic reeds”.

And the answer is NO.

Or maybe the answer is NO NO NO NO NO.

Or just a simple NEVER.

Don’t go there. It’s not worth it. They are junk. Really.

And now I’m off to the dress rehearsal of The Rake’s Progress. (With dinner first … to celebrate my birthday. I am no longer 50. I am now 51.)

50 was sort of nifty
51 will be more fun

Or how ’bout …

I went over the hill at fifty
And now I’m fifty two
From here on out it’s all downhill
I’m fine with that, aren’t you?

Okay. NOW I’m gone.


  1. Happy birthday, Patty – you’ll have to let us know how Rake’s Progress is!

  2. Happy happy happy birthday, Patty! 🙂