20. November 2007 · Comments Off on And Now I’m Done · Categories: Ramble

… for a few days, anyway. I just played Werther. And it’s time to start thinking Thanksgiving! I’m already hungry. My stomach, in fact, was suggesting hunger even during the opera tonight.

And speaking of the opera, I’m really enjoying the music, and I love playing my part. There are little “moments” … just tiny things for oboe, really, but they are really well written and expressive. My cuppa, to be sure.

I’ve finally figured out how to keep water from getting in my octave keys. Of course I constantly swab (I even mark my part so I don’t forget. Sad, eh? My poor forgetful brain!). But during the intermissions, if I stay in the pit (which I usually do), I stick the top joint under my arm to keep it warm. So far no water issues. With our rather cold and breezy pit this seems to be the solution. Whew! I also wear a scarf to keep this body warm. I’m that cold much of the time.

Now off to bed with me. Tomorrow is house cleaning and food preparation day. The next we’ll have a full house. All our kids will be home. Yay!