The BSO’s Principal Oboe player, John Ferrillo Jr., was paid an annual salary of $232,420 by the BSO in 2005 …. (RTWT)

So, well, I’m sure that’s what I’d make too. IF ..
1) I were principal in a symphony (I’m second)
2) If I were in Boston Symphony … or something of that sort
3) If I were a good enough player! 🙂

I’m NOT saying he’s not worth this amount. Playing principal oboe in a major symphony orchestra is incredibly stressful, and requires a top-notch player. Just so you know!

Of course he makes much more than Dan and I combined. Go figure.


  1. at least now I know what to tell my grandparents when they cautiously ask how much an oboist makes!

  2. Well, you might also tell them what some of us poorer folk make! 😉