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BACH – BWV 1060

I – Allegro
II – Largo
III – Allegro

And yes, she has that bunchy chin I don’t want my students to have. But the thing is, her reeds are not, I’m certain, like our longer scrape reeds. So don’t be saying you can have that bunchy chin! And don’t be saying she shouldn’t, either. I’m guessing the short scrape reeds take a very different embouchure. (Some day I’d love to try one and see what they are like!)

I also must acknowledge that not all of my colleagues here in the states agree that we shouldn’t have bunchy (“orange peel”) chin. So there’s that, too.

Beautiful music!

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Okay, okay, “Für Elise” is a “yes” when it comes to classical music. But according to Microsoft “It’s a Small World” is classical as well. Go figure.

Found here.

How kind of them to use Beethoven or “that other piece that will never leave your head” as a warning, eh?

Danger! Danger! Classical music is playing!

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Huh? Who says THAT? Not I!

So if anyone out there is getting married, Stuart Weitzman Oboe Bridal Shoes can be found and you know you want them.

Funny thing, though … as Kelsey pointed out, they don’t look at all like oboes.

Jason Heath has blogged about a new brass player’s website called Brass Tax.

The new blogger has a blog entry about all those folks who say, “I played [name your instrument]” kind of thing, and how one responds to that statement. I’ve gotten that too, at church, in the pit (from folks who hang over the pit and want to yak, which can be fun sometimes. On good reed days.) and from people who are walking outside the hall when I’m leaving. I used to ask all sorts of questions like, “Oh really? What kind of oboe did you have?” or “Where did you play?” I finally realized that was silly, since most would tell me it was in junior high or, if I was lucky, high school. Sometimes I, with my sarcastic heart, want to say, “I used to have a doctor’s kit when I was in elementary school!” if the person is a doctor. Or find something similar to say to someone in another profession. But I do know when to hold my tongue. And I realize, too, that they are just trying to make a connection. They aren’t being stupid. Really. (That’s left up to me!) But in what other field would someone say a similar thing?

Okay. Enough of my silliness! Sometimes (always?) I’m such a snob. 🙁

Last night I heard the UCSC Woodwind Quintet perform. I coach them, and they are a real joy to work with. This was their first performance, and I hope they have many, many more! Bravi tutti to Daniela, Becky, Max, Sylvia and Kevin! 🙂