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I’ve had my fair share of disagreements with colleagues. Some musicians—just like the rest of the world!—are difficult people. And we are all, it seems, quite sensitive. Go figure.

Would I ever talk about who I struggle with, and who I wouldn’t mind seeing go far, far away? Of course not! We are one big, happy, dysfunctional family, after all. 😉

But read this. It’s just kind of interesting. And kind of funny to read in places.

This made me laugh:

Some probably consider themselves superior to others. I suspect several of the solo woodwind players sitting in the middle of the orchestra and having small soli and being heard all the time…I suppose they feel they have a special status within the orchestra…and that causes some problems because they get away with things others don’t – like small-talk during rehearsals etc. And if you are a really good musician, then it’s difficult to do something about, because the orchestra on the other hand really needs someone to play these soli really well.

But … but … but … solo woodwind players ARE superior! … right? 😉

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