30. November 2007 · Comments Off on HORRORS! · Categories: Ramble

I appears that Nordstrom is not going to continue with their live pianist thing. (Dan said something about dead pianists … I don’t think Nordstrom is going there, either.) Geez. The world will never be the same.

Oh. Wait. I can’t afford most of what Nordstrom has to offer. I’m rarely there.

But really, the news doesn’t have me reeling. I have to confess that in some ways I was often embarrassed by the players. Either they played schlocky stuff (how many times does one want to hear “Music of the Night”?) or I thought, “What a sad gig to have if you are a serious player.” Or it was just noise.

And for the performer? People are not really listening. They wander by. They don’t hear the whole piece. I would just be sad to have to do something like that.

(And now I’m sure to receive some hate mail; it seems I can’t “blog safe” with my big mouth … or feisty fingers. Sorry! But I yam what I yam.)

Mostly, I’d appreciate it if stores would offer up silence. I am so tired of noise. Or music I don’t like. Music I didn’t choose. At a volume I can’t stand.

Call me grumpy.

Oh … I think I need to go shopping now. And now I see a kimono jacket and skirt I really love. At Nordstrom.

But since there are no pianists there I guess I’ll skip it.

BRILLIANT IDEA! (If I dare say that about my very own lightbulb moment):
Why don’t stores offer shoppers headphones if they want the music? Wireless headphones. Connected to whatever music they want to inflict on those who like to be inflicted? Those of us who prefer not to have to hear it (do you know how hearing anything from The Nutcracker wants to make a ballet orchestra member run from the store screaming?!) would remain ignorant. But happy.