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Someone in the pit was quite perfumed up tonight. We aren’t supposed to do that. I am not certain who it was, as the person I suspected said she donned no perfume at all. Ah well. I took an allergy pill. I took Tylenol (the perfume was the headache inducing sort), and I just dealt.

Later on, though, there was a new scent. It smelled like burning paper to me. During intermission we were told that something on stage actually caught on fire, and that a stage hand came out with a fire extinguisher and put it out … while the singers continued to sing. Bizarre. It made some of us pit folk realize, though, that we’ve never discussed what to do in case of an emergency. We live in earthquake country; it would probably be a very good idea to have a plan.

Now I’m home, in my “no perfume lives here and we rarely start fires*” house. Whew.

One more opera tomorrow. Then it’s on to SSV, a run of Nuts, Sing Along Messiah, Mozart’s Coronation Mass and a Christmas Eve service. All together I’ll be playing a total of 25 services. All before December 25. And of course I have juries at two universities and will continue to teach. It’s good to have this work, so I’m determined not to get to whiney about how busy I’ll be. We’ll see how I do on that! 🙂

*I did nearly set the house on fire once. Yeah. Really.

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As I was looking at my stats to see who landed here and why I was whistling away with some music on KTEH. Then I clicked on this particular link.

Coincidence? You tell me!

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“a friend”.

(Dan gets credit for that little quip, by the way.)

Yes, that would be me. Fun. 🙂

The Contra Costa Times has an article about a bassoon (and bassoonist … hi Karla!) that was stolen and recovered quite quickly. It’s sort of funny, because it begins implying that the IDRS notice saved the day. In truth it was the police (and a very stupid thief). Read it here.

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Included in this little write up is a “famous saying” of his that I had never heard before. I wouldn’t have minded not reading it now either, but it doesn’t entirely shock me; quite a number of well known musicians have this sort of reputation.

Musicians are a sorry lot at times.

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Several members of a choral group singing Christmas carols for shoppers in a mall in Llandudno (Wales) almost ended up being jailed after mall authorities summoned the help of local police in trying to stop them – from singing. (RTWT)

Some shoppers complained, and suggested the children were singing too loudly.

But … the director of the group, as well as a mother of a singing child, suggest they were singing beautifully. A director is never wrong. And a mother wouldn’t hear differently than anyone else, would she?

Heh. Calling the cops on carolers is a bit over the top, and I guess we should expect to deal with carolers while shopping this time of year. But I do understand the whole “it’s too loud” thing. As I just blogged about yesterday, I’d prefer silence.

Gee. I think I sound like Scrooge. Uh-oh!