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Several members of a choral group singing Christmas carols for shoppers in a mall in Llandudno (Wales) almost ended up being jailed after mall authorities summoned the help of local police in trying to stop them – from singing. (RTWT)

Some shoppers complained, and suggested the children were singing too loudly.

But … the director of the group, as well as a mother of a singing child, suggest they were singing beautifully. A director is never wrong. And a mother wouldn’t hear differently than anyone else, would she?

Heh. Calling the cops on carolers is a bit over the top, and I guess we should expect to deal with carolers while shopping this time of year. But I do understand the whole “it’s too loud” thing. As I just blogged about yesterday, I’d prefer silence.

Gee. I think I sound like Scrooge. Uh-oh!

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