02. December 2007 · Comments Off on Ah yes … · Categories: Ramble

So the “concert hangover” (well, opera hangover this time) is now happening. Such is life.

Werther is an opera that wasn’t my fave. It’s pretty music. It has some beautiful and some interesting writing. It wasn’t, though, an opera that grabbed me entirely. But still, I’m missing it. I’m sad that it’s over. I’ll miss it, even while I was looking forward to being done. Go figure. (It’s the typical, “I’ll never be happy” sort of thing I guess. Gives me plenty of opportunity to whine though, yes?)

So I just finished with watching the a movie that included the making of Cosi fan tutte … but not really. If you haven’t seen the movie just know that it’s about some people in a mental institution putting on the opera, with mostly spoken dialogue. But it does make me want to do that fabulous work. It’s so full of wonderful music, and we’ve not done it for quite some time.

If you want to check it out, here ’tis:

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