I just read something like this at a blog:

As a reminder, this is a private blog; out of consideration, everything written here should not be mentioned outside the blog or with anyone who has not been granted access to it. The discussion of all content is only permitted to take place within the blog solely through the comment function at the end of each post.

Too cute. I only landed on that blog because of my google alerts. It’s not a blog I’m interested in, nor would I comment on it since the writer requested that, but does the writer really think that blog that was easily located is private?

Nothing is private online. Or nearly nothing.


  1. This person should just lock their site completely down and only grant access to folks they know. It’s not that hard to do–Blogger and WordPress both have an option for it.

    BTW, I found my oboeinsight password! I can comment once again here. Hope you’re doing well! I just moved over to WordPress myself, and I love it.

  2. Jason! Nice to see you here again. You know I could have changed your password FOR you … I hope you knew that (and that I offered to do so). Some other folks are having a horrible time getting in here to leave comments; I’m not sure what that’s about.

    Yes, the person should just lock the site. I suspect the person is quite young (I didn’t read the blog much), and quite naive. Ah well! She/he will learn, I’m sure.

    Hope life is going well for you, Mr. Married Man. 😎

    (We are now readying ourselves for our daughter’s June wedding. She and her fiance live a drive away, so I get to visit more frequently … poor them! 😉