Spies sent several separate reports from Johnny Mathis’ Friday night concert with the San Francisco Symphony. According to Jack Farrell, Mathis was singing “Look at me” in the song “Misty” while “all eyes, except his, were on the oboe section and its downstage neighbors.” One of the giant contact-lens-looking sound reflectors hanging from the ceiling was coming down, “gently and insistently … onto their heads and instruments.” Mathis sang on, unaware. According to Carol Parlette, the musicians attempted to hold it above their heads, then gave up, it went down to the floor and someone shouted, “You brought down the house.”

The tech crew struggled while Johnny sang “Stranger in Paradise,” said Farrell, who I’m taking it is either a great reporter or a poet (maybe both). He says that as the thing ascended back to its proper place, Mathis was singing the lyric “Somewhere in space I hang suspended.”

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Ya gotta love it. Right?


  1. i hate the word “filbert,” and insist that people use “hazelnut” instead.

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