Help me please. Really. I don’t know what to do!

The tinkle of the celesta and low trill of the oboe to which the Sugar Plum Fairy performs her famous dance, for me, perfectly usher in the spirit of Christmas. (RTWT)

I have played Nutcracker for so many years I’ve lost count. (But I’m guessing it’s around 30.) I’m so darn puzzled by the above comment, as I can’t think of where a “low trill” occurs! You just gotta help me out here. Please. I can’t even think of any instrument that is trilling when the celeste is playing. I guess I wouldn’t “perfectly usher in the spirit of Christmas” for that reviewer, would I?

07. December 2007 · Comments Off on Wish I Could Go · Categories: Concert Announcements, Links, Ramble, San Francisco Symphony

San Francisco Symphony is performing Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique as well as a work I am not familiar with at all by the same composer, Lélio. They have already had two performances (both of which were recorded for the Keeping Score series) and they have performances tonight and tomorrow night. Alas, I have SSV, so I can’t attend. I’d really love to go and hear the new English horn player, Russ deLuna. Heck, I’d love to go and sneak in to steal borrow a couple of his EH reeds. Anyone want to do the job for me? 😉