Help me please. Really. I don’t know what to do!

The tinkle of the celesta and low trill of the oboe to which the Sugar Plum Fairy performs her famous dance, for me, perfectly usher in the spirit of Christmas. (RTWT)

I have played Nutcracker for so many years I’ve lost count. (But I’m guessing it’s around 30.) I’m so darn puzzled by the above comment, as I can’t think of where a “low trill” occurs! You just gotta help me out here. Please. I can’t even think of any instrument that is trilling when the celeste is playing. I guess I wouldn’t “perfectly usher in the spirit of Christmas” for that reviewer, would I?


  1. It is obviously a typo – clearly the intent was to refer to the low thrill of the oboe…

  2. I think they might mean bass clarinet…not a trill exactly, but that quick descending figure before the celeste starts again?

  3. Well, there is the thrill of the oboe … but I’m not sure it’s “low”. 😉

    And I guess, Emily, that’s as close as one can get to an oboe in that section, but that’s a real huge difference, both in sound and in trill vs descending notes. I really wonder if she is thinking of something else! Odd, don’tcha think?