08. December 2007 · Comments Off on Super Saturday · Categories: Ramble

Today is “Super Saturday” at UCSC. Super Saturday actually means “Jury Saturday”. But the alliteration of Super Saturday sounds so much better and less fearsome than Jury Saturday, don’t you think? So here I am, about to head over the hill, to listen to flutists and saxes and trumpets, oh my! (Yes, I listen to the brass as well, and no, there are no oboists this time, but I’ll also catch a few clarinets, and perhaps a trombonist or tuba player (tubist? tubaist?); juries occur only at certain points in a student’s college career at UCSC. Some schools, I know, have them every semester. I’m not sure which plan I like better. I can guess which students would prefer, though!)

First Dan and I will head over to Coffeetopia. He’ll then do some Santa Cruz photography while I’m listening to the students. That way he’ll probably add even more to his gallery.

I remember two of my juries, and that’s it. I’ll have to blog about them sometime, because of course I remember them for good (or bad) reasons!

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