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Oboe soloist Michael Adduci was extraordinary, and the piece, as a whole, flowed neatly out of what had preceded it: an Eastern-leaning setting, by John Rutter, the English composer and choral conductor, of “Three Kings of Orient.”

Later, Touchi’s “Reflection on Hanukkah,” drawing melodic material from the Yiddish tune “Tif in Veldele (Deep in the Forest),” matched light (clarinetist Mark Brandenburg’s super-virtuoso klezmer flights) against shadow (a chorale of strings, playing the Yiddish tune “in retrograde”; backward, in other words).

Still deeper into the program, Touchi’s “Reflection on Tet,” honoring the Vietnamese New Year, integrated lively folk-dance passages, slow pentatonic interludes of ritual calm, and flutter-breath flute cadenzas, performed by Isabelle Chapuis, a dazzling player.

So fun to see Michael Adduci, Mark Brandenburg, Michael Touchi, and Isabelle Chapuis mentioned in the review! I only wish I could have heard the concert. (Or played it; I was unavailable for the gig.)

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Coronation Mass Rehearsal, performance Sunday

2 rehearsals, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0

Christmas Cantata Rehearsal, performance Christmas Eve

Tomorrow will be the challenging day; I have two Nutcrackers, and prior to that I’m playing Mozart’s Coronation Mass. That’s a lot of playing in one day. My reeds are tired. So am I. By tomorrow at this time I’m guessing my chops will feel pretty darn fried.

Teaching in my oboe studio at home when the temperature is 61 because the power went out is not a fun thing to do. Fortunately my students were okay with the freezing temp. I was not. And I didn’t even pull out my oboe because I didn’t want to get water in the keys and then deal with the consequences for the two Nutcracker shows today.


Power came on right about when I finished teaching. Go figure.