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… you’re on your own.

The musicians in Honolulu Symphony are going to be missing a bit of holiday cheer this year. Turns out they won’t get paychecks on time. Sad news. Most of the time we musicians are struggling over money. Or so it seems. These folks are even full time musicians and still they have to deal with this. Sigh.

17. December 2007 · Comments Off on Constantine! · Categories: Ramble, San Francisco Symphony

Constantine Kitsopoulos, a conductor I absolutely love working with, is conducting The Wizard of Oz concert with San Francisco Symphony. Too darn cool! But too darn bad for me, too; I have Nuts that conflict directly with the SFS run. Rats and double rats.

Gee, might I feel a flu bug coming on? Heh. No. I have never done that and I’m not going to start now. It’s a very bad idea. Some musicians have been caught in that lie. Needless to say it’s grounds for firing. I’m (slightly) smarter than that! Besides, lying is a bad idea. Right? I would have loved to have seen Constantine, though. Sigh.