Ahhh, the joys of looking for wedding vendors. From now on, when I’m asked to play a wedding (granted, it’s nearly not at all … most folks don’t want a solo oboe!) I’m going to be quite gentle and kind with the folks doing the searching work. Maybe I should just play for free, too. Or ask for a piece of cake and a glass of champagne or something. I’m learning a lot, though.

1) Nearly everyone says “That’s our last date available in June!”
2) Nearly everyone says “We are not your usual [place their service here],” and of course they all are special, I know that already
3) Nearly everyone is good about communicating via email (thank you, thank you!)
4) Nearly everyone is more expensive than I had realized (and I must have charged way too little for the wedding I played a while back!)
5) Photographers range from $1,000 to over $10,000, but you have to check carefully to see what the price includes.
6) One (rather young!) photographer (whose work I loved) said, “Surely you understand why I need a hotel and two meals for both myself and my assistant. Being a musician you know how exhausting it is after a performance, and you can’t just drive home.” To which I said, “I do know how exhausting it is and yes, I do just have to drive home after.” I just kindly thanked her for her time and said, “Too rich for my blood. I fold.” (Can anyone out there name the horrible TV show where that was used? Or is that a common thing to say in cards?)
7) I love all the more expensive photographers.
8) Some vendors think music is a good idea at their site … unless you are a musician I say nix the darn stuff! (remember we might have several vendors’ windows open at once!)

Oh dear. I think I’m sounding grouchy!

I used to play more weddings. We were often treated poorly. We were supposed to be “heard but not seen” and were to hide away during breaks. I can sort of understand it … we musicians are a motley crew! But it sometimes hurt my tender little oboe feelings. Go figure. (ME? Feelings? Wow.)

Sooo … anyone know an affordable photographer? Who can focus? And doesn’t do cheesy stuff? And won’t ask for a hotel room? Huh? Anyone? Anyone?

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  1. Jeannette Clemons

    Call me….or just email….I KNOW A GREAT ONE! (she may be willing to go to Southern CA?)Or she may KNOW one down there…